I believe that a photograph should convey a story and impact the viewer on some emotional level. Art is very subjective and to each of us, it helps define the world around us. A photograph can hold memories; inspire our interests and take us to places we have yet to explore. An image may help us to see the ordinary in an extraordinary way.

My first exposure was taken nearly 40 years ago with a small, red, pinhole camera at Niagara Falls, Ontario. From that point on, my fascination and passion for photography has been one of the greatest joys in my life. I feel a strong need to capture the beauty and excitement that surrounds us from a perspective that perhaps we take for granted. Life is full of angles, shadows and textures to name just a few. To capture what may appear to be ordinary in an extraordinary way is what inspires me.

I share with you the following from a true master of our craft:

"The search for greatness and the compelling desire to capture it have driven me to work harder – to strive for perfection knowing it to be unattainable. My quest has brought me great joy, when something close to my ideal has been attained. It has kept me young in heart, adventurous, growing perhaps and ever seeking."

Yousuf Karsh, 1908 - 2002

Thank you for the time spent looking at the world as I see it.

geoffrey allan picture